The Skashank Redemption

Punk from Columbus, OH, United States

Tags  Ska  Punk  Energy  Fun 

Fast, sweaty, energetic ska from Ohio. Dance music for people who can't dance, but enjoy booze and profanity.


Jake Huffstetler: Vocals, Trombone;
Joe Brenneman: Saxophone, Vocals;
Neil Stackhouse: Trombone;
James Johann Olaya: Guitar;
Robbie Warner: Guitar;
Don Seipel: Bass;
Evan Wanous: Drums


The Skashank Redemption does exactly what you think it does: it makes fast, energetic, and irrepressibly catchy tunes that make music lovers of all stripes stop what they were doing and move their feet. The Columbus, Ohio seven-piece have developed a sound that veers from frantic to smooth, technical to exuberant, and always impossible to deny. Couple that with a dynamic stage presence and an increasingly loyal following, and it's an exciting (and often exhausting!) live experience. Bring a friend, bring your dancing shoes, and bring a towel because you might get wet. The Skashank Redemption is fighting its way to the top, whether you're ready or not.


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